Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sheep....yes, more sheep.

It's been a while again.  
This is me, trying to think of what to all write here this time....

Well, Michael and I went to Minnesota the weekend of Valentines day. One of Michael's distant relatives was getting married that Saturday, so Michael's siblings and their spouses were at Dale & Kathy's for that occasion too. It was a pleasant visit and went by way too quickly.

We went to church with all of Michael's family Sunday morning and then went out to eat with most of the church members, as they were having their "Diner's Delight" that day. After an enjoyable time of visiting and eating, we went to Carla's (a lady Michael knew) to buy 5 ewe bottle lambs from her.

 They're so much take for a walk...

 ...or a run...
 ...but they can't climb haybales very well, yet.
 Our older and much less-playful sheep:
 On my way to go babysit last week, I saw this snowy owl staring back at me...
Please pray for Michael and I as we keep searching for a farm of our own. We put ads in the local papers and have had a couple of  phone calls, and there is one place we went and looked at even and are considering but are waiting to see if something closer and more ideal becomes available. 
We don't want to just rush into something and regret it later.

Meanwhile, we're attempting to sell our car, as we've decided we really don't need 4 vehicles for 2 people.
Michael had the day off of work on Friday, and it was SO warm and lovely out that we washed our car, by hand, with a garden hose. I've never done that in February before!

 Anybody want to buy a really nice, Kia Rio car?  It served us very well on our honeymoon.
 My dear friend, Lauretta sent me this picture of her and her husband, Lee recently. Michael and I were planning to go visit them a few weeks ago, but something came up and we didn't go.  I LOVE being married, and I love that my best girl-friend is enjoying wedding bliss also, but I sure do miss her!! We now live over 2 hours apart and I haven't seen her since our wedding almost 4 months ago.  At least we can still text...
My dear husband and I listened to a very good message yesterday by Dr. S. M. Davis, called
 "The Sin of Silence". If you are not familiar with Dr. Davis, I'd highly recommend going here to learn more:

Now it's time to go put my homemade pizza in the oven, in anticipation of my husband's soon arrival. :)

Monday, February 8, 2016


My posts are sure few and far between now that I'm married, aren't they? Oh well. :) 

The baler that Michael and I bought arrived.  
We bought a rake and mower too, so now we just need a tractor!

 It's fun watching Vonn grow up.  He and Tracy Jo come here every Wednesday and then I go to their house on Thursdays. Vonn has great trouble with keeping his mittens on.
Last Friday, Michael, my mom and I butchered the last 5 turkeys. It's good to be done with that.  

Today I made yogurt and butter and this morning, I made kefir pancakes which turned out really well.  It's so nice having a cow...

Time to get back to work!