Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Last night...

Busy, busy days!!!

Tonight is the last night that I will spend in this house as a single woman. Tomorrow night, some of us will be going over to the church with the camper and will stay there until the wedding is over.

Michael just arrived and it is his last night of staying over at my parent's in their guestroom too. :)  He brought the last of his things. What exciting times!!  Please pray for his folks though, as I know they'll miss Michael and all that he did to help keep the dairy farm running well.

My mom and I went to Bismarck today. I got my nails done (first time of ever doing that), so that was fun. I think we're almost ready for Saturday now!

This will be my last post as a single woman too, come to think of it!!

May God bless you all and all of us.
Lots of love,
  Cora Bornemann


  1. So excited for you, Cora! There is such excitement and yet nostalgia in the thought that this is the last post you will share with us on your blog as a single woman, and as Miss Bornemann :). Congratulations, prayers, and blessings from a well-wisher and devoted blog reader from Australia!

  2. I've been patiently waiting for some pictures from the wedding and updates on how married life is treating you so far....... I hope all is well and you return to blogging soon :)


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