Saturday, August 24, 2013

"God Loves Me Dearly"...OR "GOTT IST DIE LIEBE"

A couple days ago, I was attempting to play hymns in our hymn book and was trying some new ones.  I was playing such a one when my mom exclaimed,

   "That's Gott Ist Die Liebe"! 

When she was growing up, all the good old Germans in church would heartily sing this hymn in their native tongue, and they would sing it very often.  It must be a favorite amongst Germans, as they sang it during some church services at the nursing home when I worked there as well.   I don't know much German, but I loved hearing them sing about God's love in their heavy German accents!  My heritage is German from Russia, so it's only fitting that I post this song here tonight.  :)

  Gott ist die Liebe
1. Gott ist die Liebe,
Läßt mich erlösen:
Gott ist die Liebe,
Er liebt auch mich. Drum sag ich noch einmal:
Gott ist die Liebe,
Gott ist die Liebe,
Er liebt auch mich.
2. Ich lag in Banden
Der schnöden Sünde;
Ich lag in Banden
Und konnt nicht los.
Drum sag ich . . . .  3. Ich lag im Tode,
Des Teufels Schrecken;
Ich lag im Tode,
Der Sünden Sold.
Drum sag ich . . . .  4. Er sandte JEsum,
Den treuen Heiland;
Er sandte JEsum
Und macht' mich los.
Drum sag ich . . . .  5. Jesus mein Heiland,
Gab sich zum Opfer !
JEsus, mein Heiland,
Büßt' meine Schuld.
Drum sag ich . . . .
6. Er ließ mich laden
Durchs Wort der Gnaden;
Er ließ mich laden
Durch seinen Geist.
Drum sag ich . . . .

7. Das Wort der Gnade
Ist meine Speise;
Das Wort der Gnade
Still meinen Durst.
Drum sag ich . . . .  8. O Süße Liebe,
Du Brunn des Heiles;
O süße Liebe,
Der Seelen Trost.
Drum sag ich . . . .  9. Du heilst, o Liebe,
All meinen Jammer;
Du stillst, o Liebe,
Mein tiefstes Weh.
Drum sag ich . . . .  10. Du füllst mit Freuden
Die matte Seele;
Du füllst mit Frieden
Mein armes Herz.
Drum sag ich . . . .  11. Du läßt mich erben
Die ewge Freude;
Du läßt mich erben
Die ewge Ruh.
Drum sag ich . . . .
12. Dich will ich preisen,
Du ewge Liebe;
Dich will ich loben,
So lang ich bin.
Drum sag ich . . . .

The words to the hymn called "God Loves Me Dearly" are copied below.  I'm guessing/hoping they are the same meaning of "Gott Ist Die Liebe", just in English.  :)

1. God loves me dearly,
Grants me salvation,
God loves me dearly,
Loves even me.

Therefore I'll say again:
God loves me dearly,
God loves me dearly,
Loves even me.

2.  I was in slav'ry,
Sin, death, and darkness;
God's love was working
To make me free. [Refrain]

3. He sent forth Jesus,
My dear Redeemer,
He sent forth Jesus
And set me free. [Refrain]

4. Jesus, my Savior,
Himself did offer;
Jesus, my Savior,
Paid all I owed. [Refrain]

5. Now I will praise You,
O love Eternal;
Now I will praise You
All my life long. [Refrain]

I'm so glad that God loves you and me---dearly!


  1. I remember our church singing this song as a girl as well. I don't know German, wish I did, and didn't sing along except for the "GOTT IST DIE LIEBE" part. I wish our parents would have taught us German. I think it would be easier than trying to learn it now.

  2. Cora,

    Thank you so much for posting Gott Ist Die Liebe! I am 63 years old and still remember this song taught to me by my German grandfather when I was a child. I don't speak German but have often sung this song to myself over the years even though not knowing its full meaning. He told me the song meant God is love but never gave me the translation of all the words. This is the first time I have ever read the translation. What a powerful and wonderful song. Thanks for sharing! Now I can start singing it with full understanding.

    1. And I'm 62 and remember the same. What great grandparents. Maybe we came both from Germans from Russia? What a good heritage that they prayed for us, even now. Let's carry it on.
      Have you taught your grandchildren?
      I think I'll write a children's book online about remembering our Christian heritage. Follow me and I'll share it: Ethelyn Schaeffer online somewhere :)

    2. ...and I'm 62 and my grandfather/father sang this song as well. We must be of the same heritage? Germans from Russia?
      I think I'll write a children's book about our precious heritage. Let's share it, and this song Gott Ist Die Liebe, with our grandchildren.
      Find me online Ethelyn Schaeffer

  3. I grew up singing this song in German, and never knew there was an English version until now. The English translation is actually very close to the German one!

  4. I found English lyrics with sheet music - that my Mom would have photocopied from a hymn book (she's been gone for 22 years) .... I'd never heard an English version of this song either - until today, when i was pages through some OLD songs I'd stashed away... (i didn't know there were 12 verses to this song in German either...HOLY)
    i checked the sheet music, and yes it is in fact the same melody.
    this is what it's called, and what is at the top of the sheet music:

    I know God Loves Me (page) 78
    August Rische 1819 / K. Liehig .c. 1810

    now...... I'm going to hunt this hymn book down, until i find it!! (wish me luck) .... it's out there...... somewhere....


  5. my Oma tauhgt us this growing up. She is turning 100 this week.


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