Wednesday, September 20, 2017

It's a GIRL!!!!!!

Meet our darling daughter:


But, let me back up a little bit...

On Wednesday, August 23rd @ 1:30am, my water broke and I knew things were happening. :)
No more sleep for me! 

Michael took this one last pregnancy picture of me later that morning (between contractions, of course). We had hoped and prayed that we could have our baby at home. After laboring through the day and into the night, I wasn't progressing with the labor as I should have been and we decided it was time to head for Bismarck. Thankfully, my parents were willing to drive us and our midwife there, as we were all very tired by this point.
 Long story short, the Dr. at the emergency room let me have a few contractions to see what was going on, then announced that I needed to have a C-section. ;(  Not what we wanted to hear but we know God knows best and has a reason for everything.

Michael was in the operating room with me. He was SUCH a blessing throughout the whole labor! He was my coach and my comfort the whole time. Our midwife was awesome too. And the Lord saw us safely through it all. PTL!

Name: Elsie Joyce Dalquist
Namesake: I knew a really neat elderly lady from our church whose name was Elsie
and Joyce is Michael's sweet grandma's name
Date of birth: August 24th, 2017
Weight: There was a mixup on her weight when she was born, but she was about 7lbs
Length: 20 1/2"
Time: 6:04am

We're just so thankful that our daughter is healthy and was born, safe and sound. As my arms shook uncontrollably as the surgeon finished sewing me up, I was thanking God for our little girl (and couldn't wait for them to finish up so I could get a better look at her). Michael got to watch her be "born". I still remember when I heard them say the word "GIRL". I had been so sure we were having a son. HA!

We're a family of 3 now!
 Andrew and Marie came later that day and took some of these photos for us.

A very proud daddy...


 ...and a very tired but thrilled mama.

 Time to go home! 
We got discharged from the hospital on Saturday afternoon.


 Elsie when she's a couple weeks old and so much more alert!

 My own personal living doll!


One of my very favorite pictures of our daughter and her little dimple cheek! :)

 Actually, this is one of my favorites too...
 Although, this one is pretty sweet too...
 She's awake!
 I think she likes being out in the big world and having room to stretch. :D
 Daddy, Mommy, and Baby...
 One of our many guests took this picture for us.

Can you tell that we're thoroughly in love with our sweet Elsie? :)

Look for many more pictures to come!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

More pictures to update you on our wonderful life....

About a month ago, Michael decided it was time to butcher the sheep wether we'd kept for that purpose. Doesn't he look slightly intimidating in this photo? ;D

 Andrew and Marie bought a jet-ski at the last Orr auction near Jamestown so we spent a couple afternoons out on the lake with them, taking turns driving the jet-ski and riding in our boat. Here are Andrew and Marie. It was pretty funny when they tipped the thing over and got all wet. We were there to rescue them, but they probably didn't even need our help since they got it tipped back up while in the water.
 Michael went really fast...
 ...and I didn't. :)
 We took the boat over to a little island that's in West (McKenna) lake near Napoleon.
 Marie took several of these photos using my phone, since I was riding the Jet-ski at this time.
 Skipping rocks...
 A & M
 M & C
 My mom went out on the boat with us the 2nd time we went. She had a good ol' time!

Have I mentioned yet that Beretta had another littler of puppies?! They were born on July 14th.

There are 4 males (1 lemon colored) and 1 female. We now have homes for 3 of the males and we're keeping the female for ourselves, so just 1 puppy is for sale yet. They're 5 weeks old already and ever so cute!!

Michael took the following 3 pictures right before a storm one evening when the lighting was really neat.
 It's been a very dry Summer (a severe drought really) but we've had over 2" of rain recently and the grass is greening up nicely now. PTL!  We've had to water the garden and flowers a LOT in the last few months.

 Jacob bought one of these at the Pifer consignment sale....
 The garden has been producing pretty well and I was amazed at this big potato I dug up...
 It took a while, but we finally decided on a name for our female puppy: Medora.
She's a real sweetheart!

And now, I need to post this and go pick cucumbers from the garden while I wait for a family to come from Bismarck to visit their future puppy.

Just a FYI: Yesterday was Michael & My 3-years-from-the-day-we-met-in-person anniversary. It was also 2 weeks until our baby's due date!!!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sheep, Pearl, and our nephew's baby dedication...

 Michael and I enjoy stopping at garage sales when we see them.
This 4-person chess board was one of our purchases. :)
 This must have been back in June when we still had green grass for the sheep to eat. We're feeding them hay now, waiting for it to rain...
 A few of our white sheep, enjoying the shade from the barn...
 This is Twister, our little blind lamb. We found a new home for him a few weeks ago. He was a very friendly little guy since I milked one of our goats and fed him the milk twice a day.
 Our milk cow, Ivy calved a couple months ago and had a beautiful heifer calf. We named her Pearl. We were sorely tempted to keep the little lady, but really didn't see the need for having 2 milk cows someday, so we sold her to our good friend Heather C.
Pearl has a very good new home! :)  I think Heather was pretty excited to get her very first calf too.



 On July 1st, we went to church at Alfred and enjoyed a potluck meal after the service, then hit the road again, heading for MN. We drove right by this beautiful church near Christine, ND.
Does it look familiar to anybody? ;)
 Took this picture by the tiny church out behind the large church...

 Yes! This is the church we were married in! :)
 The reason for our quick trip to MN (we went on Saturday and returned Sunday afternoon) was to witness our nephew Everett's baby dedication in Michael's home church in Cushing, MN.
 Everett thought Uncle Nicholas had a great tasting knuckle....
 The happy family with Pastor Dan...
 The proud Aunties...(me, Rachael, and Jenny's sister, Kristy).
 Trying to get a good family picture is always interesting... :)
 ...and then the camera goes all blurry. Good thing there were several cameras going so they did get a good picture of everyone.
 The very happy Grandparents...
 Everett can hardly wait to dig in!
Lastly, a bouquet from my flower gardens...