Wednesday, September 14, 2016


What happened to that little brother of mine? How can he (Andrew) now be engaged to be married?? 

According to these pictures, he has indeed won the heart of Lady Marie fair 
and they are planning a wedding for December in Kentucky!

 Yes, I think they're just a wee bit happy. :)
 Last year at this time, I was checking things off in my wedding planner book. This year, I loaned it to my brother...  How time does fly and changes things.

We are very happy to be adding Marie to our family and I look forward to having her living right up the road from us in just a few short months.  God is so good and has answered many prayers to bring this to be!


  1. Sooo happy for them!!! Your brother has got himself a really special gal, and although I don't know him personally, I've heard so much good about him so I'm sure the feeling is mutual between them;)! Praying for abundant blessings as they prepare for life together! <3

  2. Marie I am so happy for you! May our Heavenly Father bless you both abundantly :) Congratulations! Ruthie Wasburn

  3. A big congratulations to Andrew!!! That's exciting. We miss your blog posts, Cora!


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