Monday, April 4, 2016

Farm additions and subtractions.

 I have some very fun additions to tell you all about this time! 

They came to our farm the end of March, all the way from Indiana and Missouri. They are:
 Purebred (AKC registered) Basset Hound puppies!!!
 Oh, they're so much fun and are getting into lots of trouble already...puppies are like that, you know.
 Michael is still super busy working up at Mid Dakota Grain 6 days a week, but the end is in sight. Then it will be time to get busy in the fields. My dad is renting Michael one or two of his fields so he can do what he loves greatly: play in the dirt. :)  We're still praying and searching for a farm nearby (here or Steele), but until God opens that door, I'm glad we get to have animals here and now Michael can plant a crop and make hay.

Michael helps me with chores in the morning, then I pack his lunch and we eat breakfast together quickly before he has to head out. He doesn't get home for supper until 8:30 most nights, so I have been doing the evening chores by myself mostly (my hands are getting stronger finally from milking Ivy), unless someone from my family feels like helping and comes over.  

This field has had a high population of pocket gophers, so Michael ordered 3 dozen traps and we go out and set them in his free time. My job is to check and empty them. I haven't figured out the technique of setting the traps yet, (or maybe it is that I'm scared to?) 
So far, we've caught: 
 ...a total of 52 gophers!  When that field is under control, we'll move to another one.

Michael sheared 3 of our sheep last weekend. They look so very different. Now I'm trying to figure out how to get their wool clean of debris so that I can card and spin it.  It's a mess (mostly hay stuck in it). I hand-washed (3 times) a little bit of the wool this morning and dyed it, but there is still a lot of little sticks and pieces of alfalfa leaves in it. I think I need to get a wool-picker (like this: ) .
 Back to puppies...

Meet Ruger

   and Beretta. :)
They love playing together and pulling on each others ears and just exploring the farmyard.  I have to watch them carefully though as they'll walk right up to the cattle and sheep with no fear. I'm afraid of them getting squished. They've received a few lessons from the calves and a lamb already, so I guess that's good. 
They're just SO curious....and cute.

 The goal is to have puppies for sale, someday. :)

Besides gophers and puppies and wool, and keeping the house running smoothly, and cooking Michael food so he doesn't waste away to nothingness, today I am going to work on getting the greenhouse ready for planting.  I've been sprouting broccoli, radish and alfalfa seeds for our salads, but it will be wonderful to have fresh salad greens from the greenhouse and/or garden!  

In a couple weeks, Michael's brother, James and his wife, Jenny plan to come for their first visit, so we're looking forward to that. :)

God is great and life is awesome!

Oh, and does anybody need any farm fresh eggs?  We are getting 2 dozen a day now.

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  1. Oh Cora, y'alls puppies are sooo adorable! I love basset hounds! We raise dogs (you can see them here: but unfortunately we don't raise bassets:(. They're such a friendly fun breed! We also have a Ruger, although she's a big black labrador (she had a daughter named Remington, but sadly we lost her and all of her puppies due to birth complications this last winter:(). I love dropping in here and seeing what all y'all are up to ... I've meant to comment a few times but life is completely crazy around here (I'm sure you know how that is!) Congratulations on all the gophers by the way! Thankfully we don't have too much trouble with them down here ... mainly raccoons and opossums, and sometimes rats. I have to try not to be jealous of your sheep ... I would love to get some, but just don't have the time for them right now, so I'm trying to be content with my neighbors sheep right now! Maybe next spring I won't be so busy ... :) Blessings! ~ Abigail Aliyah


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