Thursday, April 13, 2017

Another farm addition (the best one ever)!

This time, I have a really good excuse for being so behind with blogging. :D That being:  I've not been feeling the best for quite a while and was just glad to get my work done.

We are beyond excited!! :)  I've been feeling our baby move for a few weeks now and it's an amazing feeling. I'm finally getting my energy back and have less food aversions.  We're accumulating baby supplies in one of our guestrooms, which makes our baby seem even more a reality...  Praise be to God for giving us this blessing after the sorrow of losing our first baby back in October!


March was busy, mostly with Michael gone cleaning grain 6 days a week and me just surviving. I've been doing a little babysitting again now that I'm feeling better.  On March 7th, I turned 30 years old and my husband and family helped me celebrate in wonderful ways. Michael and I went to a play of Fiddler on the Roof which was excellent. 

Later in March, we attended the home school convention for a few hours. 
We went to the Orr auction near Jamestown and didn't buy a thing!
Before that auction though, we went to the Pifer sale and Michael bought us an 8x10' greenhouse. :)
Michael has been getting up early (letting me sleep another hour) and working on projects outside like tearing down the old, falling down greenhouse; building a compost pile; and getting my 4-wheeler working again.  We've also trapped a few gophers; shot a few gophers; went fishing; and I found some crocuses on crocus hill. Any day now, our heifers will start calving, so I'm keeping an eye on them during the day now.

Last weekend was busy with company....
James & Amanda Balyeat (and their 4 children) came to visit one evening and we had a shared supper.  They were really interested in Michael's taxidermy/skinning projects.

 We also looked at pictures from when Michael spent a Summer fishing in Alaska.
 Then, Kathy and Rachael came for a short visit (parts of 2 days).  I took them over to Mom's and Marie was there so they got to meet her.  Kathy took Rachael and I down to Herried to visit some old friends of hers.

These pictures are from right before they headed back to MN...

 At the beginning of May, we're looking forward to having James, Jenny and Everett come visit.

And now, I need to go as the "Littles" should arrive at any moment to spend the day with  me.


  1. OH CORA! I am soooo happy to see your post!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Other than the first photo, I love the last one best! ;) You have such an amazing second family!!! God has surely blessed you indeed!
    All sorts of joy!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so excited for you and Michael!

  3. Dear Cora
    Don't know if you remember my sister Rachel and I from the blog "Under African Skies". It's been so long since I've been on Blogger and caught up with blogs we followed but I've put an update over on "Under African Skies"
    Congratulations on the wonderful news! May the Lord richly bless you and your husband and the precious little one which you carry!


  4. Very Nice Post. Your blog was to good. Thank you so much for sharing...! House Blessings

  5. Hello Cora! I am glad that I discovered your blog. I like your blog very much.



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