Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A photo shoot...

 Life is very full of blessings right now. I should say that life is very full, period. :) However, this morning while attending a ladies' tea at my mom's house, I realized that I miss blogging and how many people I've been blessed to get to know or know better through blogging.....and when our friend, Edna commented on how she used to read my blog every day, well, I decided to try to be more faithful about posting things here again (in a somewhat regular fashion). :)

Maybe I just won't write so much about each photo, but we'll see.
Michael and I asked Andrew and Marie to take pictures of us a few weeks back, when we were at 32 weeks gestation (now I'm at 35). Here are our favorites from the many photos that were snapped:


  1. Happy to see you back :)

    You look wonderful. But being so pregnant during the hot summer months has to be hard at times. Sending you blessings for a safe delivery and healthy momma and baby. Enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy, it is really a magical time in your life.

    1. Thank you, Mary! The heat is miserable, but thankfully we have a window air-conditioner, so there is a place to go to cool off. I'm really enjoying being pregnant, although I think I'll enjoy holding our baby in my arms even more so! :)

  2. Nice pictures! Glad to see what you're up to! It'll be awhile before we have sweet corn. The dairy cows got out and chomped them down to the ground. Why can't they go for the weeds!! September is a beautiful month to have a baby! I'm so happy for you both. -Camille Krahn

    1. It was good hearing from you, Mrs. K! Oh, that's so sad about your sweet corn. Our turkeys were naughty this spring and kept getting into our garden and eating the tops of our onions off and they pulled out a freshly planted grape vine too. Always something when you have animals! But, we love having them anyway. :)
      We're so very happy about our baby! Thanks for sharing in our joy.


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