Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sheep, Pearl, and our nephew's baby dedication...

 Michael and I enjoy stopping at garage sales when we see them.
This 4-person chess board was one of our purchases. :)
 This must have been back in June when we still had green grass for the sheep to eat. We're feeding them hay now, waiting for it to rain...
 A few of our white sheep, enjoying the shade from the barn...
 This is Twister, our little blind lamb. We found a new home for him a few weeks ago. He was a very friendly little guy since I milked one of our goats and fed him the milk twice a day.
 Our milk cow, Ivy calved a couple months ago and had a beautiful heifer calf. We named her Pearl. We were sorely tempted to keep the little lady, but really didn't see the need for having 2 milk cows someday, so we sold her to our good friend Heather C.
Pearl has a very good new home! :)  I think Heather was pretty excited to get her very first calf too.



 On July 1st, we went to church at Alfred and enjoyed a potluck meal after the service, then hit the road again, heading for MN. We drove right by this beautiful church near Christine, ND.
Does it look familiar to anybody? ;)
 Took this picture by the tiny church out behind the large church...

 Yes! This is the church we were married in! :)
 The reason for our quick trip to MN (we went on Saturday and returned Sunday afternoon) was to witness our nephew Everett's baby dedication in Michael's home church in Cushing, MN.
 Everett thought Uncle Nicholas had a great tasting knuckle....
 The happy family with Pastor Dan...
 The proud Aunties...(me, Rachael, and Jenny's sister, Kristy).
 Trying to get a good family picture is always interesting... :)
 ...and then the camera goes all blurry. Good thing there were several cameras going so they did get a good picture of everyone.
 The very happy Grandparents...
 Everett can hardly wait to dig in!
Lastly, a bouquet from my flower gardens...

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  1. That blind lamb melts my heart.

    I am sorry to hear that there is a bad drought there in ND. Let's pray that the lord would give rain there. There is also a drought here in Southern Finland, but not as bad as there at the moment. Also today we got some rain.



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