Sunday, July 30, 2017

Pictures from a couple months back...

Here are some of the happenings in May and June....

Kids! Peanut had triplets and Buttercup had twins.

 Making new ropes for the swings...
 It was mostly my dad, Michael and I working on that project.
 Michael cut and sanded the boards and he and I painted them. My dad lifted Michael up on the telehandler to put the new swings up. Now that some time has passed, we need to readjust the ropes and melt the ends, then give the seats one last coat of paint.
Back when we were still getting rain (we're in a bad drought now and most everything is brown), Michael was putting up small sections of fence for the cattle, moving them around every few days.


 We bought a hay-bine at the Orr auction sale!
 It's been working well, except for when going through gopher mounds...
 The flowers up by the front door... The Morning Glories are blooming now.
 Michael and I replaced about a third of the deck boards and repainted the whole thing....
 My round flower garden (where the swimming pool was last year)...  I'll have to get a picture of what it looks like now and post that at a later date.

 The garden quite a while back.
 Early garden delights....  We just ate our first sweet corn this evening. Yummy!

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