Thursday, September 24, 2015


This afternoon, after I was done babysitting, I drove over to Lauretta's house to get in on the fun of trying out different hairstyles for her wedding. Some of her sisters were there too, so the table was full of hair clips and curling irons and bobby pins... I also tried on the dress (again) I'll be wearing as one of Lauretta's bridesmaids. Now they can finish sewing the zipper in and hemming it up.

This evening, my mom came over and we turned several heads of cabbage into 11 quarts of sauerkraut. Yummy!

The guys came yesterday to dig her telephone line in, so soon she'll have a landline at their new house.

My dad and Andrew have been very busy getting and keeping Mid Dakota Grain up and running at Steele. One or the other of them have also been doing jobs with their portable rigs. Jacob has been down with a cold (everyone else but I have had that too), so he's been helping Mom with projects over there.

And the big news:

It is ONE MONTH TODAY until I become Mrs. Michael Dalquist. :)  I can hardly wait!!!

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