Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First clean grain!

Mid Dakota Grain Processing, LLC did it's very first grain cleaning job today!! :)  Hooray!  The guys are still working on some improvements, and have lots of plans for the future, but at least it's up and operating now.

My mom went to Bismarck today and also picked up our Azure order in Dawson. I had placed a good sized order and bought a bunch of spices to fill my cupboards with, so now my food can have flavor again! NICE.

After babysitting today, I went over to our neighbor's (Duane & Shirley) house, as they had a ring-bearer pillow that they donated to our wedding (and some cake pans too). :)  We had a really nice visit and I got to see pictures of some of the places they've traveled too (honeymoon ideas).

This evening, I've been making phone calls, trying to get our one and only bottle calf sold (the ad is on Bismanonline) and attempting to find tables and chairs that we can use for our wedding, as we need a bunch more.  Anybody have suggestions??

And now it's time for sleep. Awwwww

God is so good.

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