Wednesday, February 19, 2014


My dear blog-reading friends,
The past two weeks have been some of the most challenging days of my life, but God is faithful to bring comfort, courage, peace and guidance!  I praise Him for His lovingkindness!  He is my hiding place...  (  I'd appreciate prayers for wisdom and discernment in the days ahead too.
I do wish to post pictures from our Kentucky trip sometime, but they are on my phone and I'm not sure how to get them to the computer at this time and it just hasn't been my highest priority to figure it out yet. 
Let me see...  What has all happened farmwise since I last wrote? 
On Monday, God sent gorgeous (above freezing!) weather and we were able to FINALLY get our calves worked!!!  YAY!   Everything went well, except that my dad got kicked far more than usual (a total of 8 times).  He's still walking though and is getting over some of the stiffness now. 
We got our taxes finished---another big, dreaded project.
My dad has been hauling grain for farmers again here lately.
My mom is struggling with some health issues again, so prayers would be appreciated!
Andrew has been gone several days helping a neighbor put up tin on his new, very tall shop.  He may have sold his Charger now too.  :(   That's a frowny face, as we all really liked that car, but he wanted the money for something more exciting that he's in the process of purchasing.  It's a secret though, for now.  :)
Lauretta came over for a special friend-talk two evenings ago and spent the night, so we had some good talking time.  I praise the Lord for dear sisters-in-the-Lord like her!
In the evenings, some of us have been watching some of the Olympics.
Jacob is still working on his schoolwork.  We were SO grateful for the boys to be willing to do all the farm chores/work so we could get away for a vacation to the cold south!  They had quite the experience one of the days with frozen pipes, but they took care of it.
My dad bought another big tractor!!  We stopped and looked at it on the way to Kentucky, as it is in Watertown, SD.  Dad and the boys are also looking at an air-seeder tomorrow.  Farming is definitely a year-round job!
I've been babysitting a couple days again and took the girls out to enjoy the beautiful snow in the beautiful sunshine.
God has opened doors for me for a new friendship to begin with a young woman in MN.  (I've enjoyed getting to know you, Emmy!  Thanks for introducing yourself here!)
Plus, there's all the usual things and getting unpacked and back into the routine of farm living. 
It's been a busy, stressful time. 
May God continue to help us all through the struggles of life... 


  1. Oh, I just LOVE this song and now I finally know who sings it! :)
    Well it looks like ya have been busy...I always find when I am going through a rough time it helps to be busy and keep my mind off current things and just focus more on Christ! I have enjoyed getting to know you as well. You are a blessing!
    Till He Comes,

  2. Cora, I am so happy to hear from you. I was getting worried, and it's so good to get an update at last! Glad you're not sick. I will be praying for all of you. ~Kristi

  3. Looking forward to hearing about your trip this way :) Will keep you in my prayers...


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