Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Catching up...

It's been so long since I felt like writing a blogpost that I'm really enjoying actually wanting to post these pictures now!
I think the snow is here to stay. It's really pretty in a way...
 It's been VERY cold (below zero) the past week, but it's finally starting to warm up a little again.
We had a new stock-calf be born yesterday and, since we weren't expecting him, his ears froze, but other than that, he seems to be doing alright. The guys got him in a barn yesterday before leaving for Minot to get....well, something that Andrew bought (a picture I'll share later).
One of Andrew's birthday gifts from my parents was: 
A really nice rug for his living room.
Here Mom is giving it to him (although he helped pick it out, so knew what it looked like already).
 I know I shared a few pictures before of the game "Attack" that we played on Andrew's birthday (last Wednesday), but I found some more pictures to share.
 We had to mark some of the pieces so we could tell them apart, as the big pieces and little pieces were barely distinguishable!
 "Mother! Don't aim your soldier at me!!"
 We had hoped to have several friends come for my brother's birthday party on Saturday, but things came up for them and they weren't able to make it.
Michael D. did come from MN and we had a lot of fun playing games together (ping-pong in the shop too) and eating cheesecake with cherries on top. :)
Checkers (I think he was trying to intimidate me with that look!)...
And now!
Are you ready for Andrew's news?
He bought another...
Dad, Andrew and Jacob went to Minot to get it yesterday. You may recall that Andrew sold his big gold pickup about a month ago. I really liked that pickup, but he wanted something with a manual transmission, so his dream has come true!! It's a 2010 model, but has a lot of miles on it, so was reasonably priced. Andrew seems pretty happy with it so far. I like the color.
Since I've not been feeling well (thankfully today, I'm finally feeling much better), my mom and I've been doing some research about essential oils and are learning a lot. It's amazing to learn of all the healing that God put into plants for our benefit.
Well, that should get you all pretty much caught up again.
God bless and keep you safe, well, and growing in Him!

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  1. Thank you for posting Cora! Lovely to see what ya'll have been up to! I am glad you are feeling better, prayer is really a blessing from the Lord! Wow, and to have the freedom to pray in public without persecution is another wonderful blessing from our Lord! That cheesecake looks mighty good! Oh, and I also like Andrew's new truck! Nice color! ;)
    I am so glad the sunshine came for a visit today, I had missed it! Hope your day was extremely wonderful! Happy, (smiles) Emmy


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