Tuesday, November 25, 2014

There's a happy feeling...

...nothing in the world can buy

when they pass around the coffee

and the pumpkin pie...

'Twas a busy day in the kitchen for me (and mom made the pumpkin pies).
I baked bread; made homemade pizza; cooked the pumpkin; turned another gallon of milk into yogurt; and made enough pie-crusts for 4 pies for Thanksgiving. Then I assembled the apple pie and whipped up some peanut butter pie. Yummy! Can hardly wait for Thursday to come. ;)
The guys finished combining for our neighbor and my dad hauled several loads of the farmer's corn to Strasburg. It was snowing a few flakes this morning, then it kept coming down faster throughout the day, making the roads not very pleasant for those who had to be driving. My dad said that traffic on the Hwy. had slowed to 45mph.

Thankfully, we're all done for the day and are safely home again. What a great place to be!

1 comment:

  1. YUM!!!! pie! ;) I have NEVER tried peanut butter pie....but yours sure does look delish!
    I am excited for Thanksgiving as well!! SO many blessings and I make lefsa tomorrow! ;)
    Hungry with anticipation, Emmy


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