Monday, November 24, 2014

The rest of the pictures...

My mom took the majority of these pictures, but she said it's fine with her if I share them here.
Grandma Marly...
This is in the beautiful visiting room in the apartment building my grandparents live in.
 Grandpa and his sons---L to R: Uncle Ronald, Uncle Barry, and my dad (Robert)...
 After getting everything ready for the party, there was time to spare, so we played some games.
Dad and his younger brother, playing "Chicken foot" with some others... :)
 Mom and my grandparents, visiting...
 Some of us brought paintings (and others, pictures of paintings) that Grandma painted a long time ago. Several years ago, she gave everyone in her family one of her paintings
(mine is the rose painting there).
 I played several games of "Racko" with my brothers and Aunt Bev...
 My mom was the punch and nut/mint lady...  :)
 I love my Grandma!!!!
She's such a caring and thoughtful person. For example, even on her very busy day, she thought to send a bunch of egg cartons home with us. :)
I didn't find a single picture of the guests on my phone or my mom's! Oops. Hopefully Andrew got some on his nice camera so we can share them with Grandma in the future.
Today, the guys have been busy combining a neighbor/friend's grain north of Braddock. Hopefully they'll finish with that tomorrow and then they'll get back to ours again.
I babysat for Amelia, James and Michael today. We played a drawing game and then they built quite the tent/house/fort conglomeration in the dining room. I love seeing children's imaginations at work!


  1. Very special! Looks like your birthday celebrations went well! Love all the pictures ;)
    What is the game "Racko" like? Your Mom looks like an inviting punch/nuts/mints lady! I certainly would have asked for more from her! :>
    Thanks for sharing, Emmy

  2. Racko is pretty easy and mostly based on luck, but it was still fun anyway. You just try to get your cards lined up from the smallest number to the largest, but you have to trade your cards out to get them in order.


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