Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A special birthday!

Today, after my dad finished his last cleaning job of the spring (unless somebody else calls) and after Andrew got home from helping Farmer Dave in his fields today, we celebrated my dad's birthday.  :) 
Several of us went together on a big present----a new grill!  We enjoyed grilled hamburgers, grilled potatoes, and grilled (fresh from the greenhouse) asparagus for supper!  Delicious!
I was looking for recent pictures of my dad and realized that I need to take more of them.  He's always so busy working that I don't get pictures when he's gone, and then on days off, we're all resting and doing other things, but I'll try to do better. 
This picture is from February...
...and this one is from a friends' wedding.  :)
I feel so blessed to have the dad that I have!!  He takes such good care of his family! 
   God bless him.~

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  1. Tis so nice that you have the greatest Dad in the world to, Cora! Dad's who make it their goal to be the bread winner, leader, protector and provider of the home but most of all the spiritual leader are a blessing from the Lord! I sure do like the pictures of him you posted and the one of you and him is very special! Happy Birthday Mr. Bornemann!! :)
    Thanks Cora!


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