Friday, May 23, 2014

Flowers! (and much more)

NOTE:  Most of this was written last night, but then I got too tired to finish it, so where I talk about "Today", it was actually yesterday...  Confusing, I know.
This is not a flower, obviously, but she's pretty cute too...

 My mom and I (and Jacob for a few minutes) dug all of the grass out of the front flower bed today and got it ready for planting....  My back is a bit on the sore side tonight!
 The bush out in front of the house apparently didn't make the very long, very cold winter, so I asked my dad and Jacob if they'd please pull it out when they had the tractor and chain out for other things.  It took some doing, but they got it.

Now we need to figure out what to put in that big empty spot of dirt there.... 
(NOTE:  As of tonight, after my mom was in Bismarck buying plants and more flowers, that big empty spot is now home to 5 little flowering bushes!)
The maintainer has been doing a lot of work on our roads lately!  The hump was in  the middle of the road the one morning when I went over to babysit.  Made for an interesting drive...
When I got to work, the girls were SO excited to show me their tulips that are blooming!
This is at Andrew's house...
 They had so much fun with the dining room chairs (that are on wheels)...
 They took turns giving each other "Rides"...
 Getting all "dolled up" to go to town to buy flowers!  :)   I just LOVE this picture!!!
This picture was of the Jost family at the concert Tuesday evening...
Flowers---freshly picked!
 I found a butterfly!
 Planting more flowers!!!
Today, Friday, was VERY busy! 
 My dad was seeding and had quite a bit of trouble.  Thankfully, while he was walking down the side of the Highway to move equipment from one field to the next, 3 different times, 3 different farming acquaintances stopped and gave him a ride to where he needed to go!  :)
My mom and Andrew were in Bismarck most of the day, buying supplies for the graduation and getting plants and looking at a piece of equipment for the farm....
Jacob helped me a lot with cleaning the house, and also loaded up flax for a farmer when he came to buy some for seed.  Later, he filled the water tank on the truck and I went out to help him unload it into the cow's water tank so we could have water in the house.  On these hot days, the cows will drink from dawn to beyond dusk and we have NO water in the house when that happens.  After filling the tanks, the truck got stuck, so I had to pull him out with the tractor.
I baked and decorated Jacob's graduation cake and almost 50 cupcakes too.  Also cooked up a bunch of dry beans and added seasonings so they'll be ready to warm Sunday.  This afternoon, I made a trip into Napoleon to get Jacob's boutonniere and the beef for sandwiches for the graduation...
Jacob and I did the evening chores.  When my  mom and Andrew got home, we planted the bushes and flowers I was talking of earlier. 
The air smells of rain tonight.
GOD is SO good!  He gives us strength for the day and hope for tomorrow!  :) 

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  1. Thanks for making the time to post, Cora! What a blessing to see what ya'll have been up to!
    "Your" girls are sooooooo cute! The dolled up picture is just so neat with your Mom and them!
    What fun flowers are! Planting too, oh boy! :)


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