Thursday, May 1, 2014


It was so nice out today---just perfect for putting jackets on and going for a walk with the girls down a gravel road, then playing on the lawn, and just perfect for enjoying the day! 
Oh, "Happy May"!
I took this picture yesterday, when my brothers were putting the new belt on the tiller so I could get to planting in the greenhouse...
 The rest of these pictures are from today.
 The grass is growing!
 Resting on their favorite rock under the apple tree...
 Tracy, feeding her horse some grass!

 Lately, I've been doing the evening milking, as Andrew's busy with so many other things.  I enjoy milking, once I get everything ready and am out there doing it. 
 I'll soon have strong hands once again!
After the milking was done (Jacob fed the 3 bottle calves we have and snapped the picture above for me), I went out on the 4-wheeler to check cows/calves.  There was one new calf during the night and one new one today.  They've slowed way down after that first busy time.  I think they're preparing for round 2!  We're a little over half done calving now.  I had to bring one calf in, as it's mama is a very old cow and just doesn't have enough milk for her, so we now have 4 bottle calves.  It's a blessing to have a milk cow at such a time as this!

Grandpa update:
  I talked to my mom tonight some and she said she didn't rest very well in Grandpa's room last night, so she has a hotel room tonight.  She said Grandpa seemed a little more alert today.  He is not eating or drinking anything though....

Thank you so much for your prayers everybody!! 


  1. Howdy Cora-
    It was a lovely day today, I agree! :) So happy you were able to be outside and enjoying the sunshine too!!!!!
    I have found its very nice to have brothers who are good at fixing things, in your case the tiller, in mine our four-wheeler. :)
    I really, really like the picture of you milking Sally!!! You make it look like fun! Will keep praying for your Grandpa & for your Mother to sleep well! Blessings, Emmy

  2. There's my girl! She's as comfortable under a cow as caring for children OR working in the garden OR.............


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