Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our farmers were in the fields!

Both yesterday and today, the menfolk in my family put in long days in the fields.  My dad finished wheat today and Andrew finished planting the north fields of corn.  Jacob worked for Farmer Dave the past 2 days.  This is the first time he's done farming work for somebody else, so we're pretty happy for him to have taken on such responsibility!  This is the outfit he was driving:
I had a full day of babysitting again...  OH, wait!  I haven't told you all about yesterday yet!!! 
  The first part of the day was spent out of doors a lot for the girls and I, then I fed them an early supper and changed their clothes; brushed their hair; and buckled them into their car-seats for a little road-trip.  We went over to Lauretta's place and met up with Andrew there and took Lauretta and another of her sisters along to go hear the Jost family (from Canada) give a concert in a church in Bismarck.   We really enjoyed their music and now have more CDs in our music collection!  :)
 You may learn more about this family if you like by visiting their website here: .  Also, for those of you who have seen them, this is the same family who makes/performs "Jostie Flicks" (things like this:  We got home pretty late and had some problems with my Mom's Pacifica on the last leg of our journey.  Hopefully there's nothing serious going on there?
Today, I babysat the girls all day again.  We had a fun day!  This morning, I took them up to Andrew's place to open windows and air the house out.  Plus, they just LOVE going there, so we just played for a while.  We had lunch at the farm with my mom, then the 4 of us headed to Napoleon to run some errands.  Tracy Jo fell asleep on the way in, so I stayed in the vehicle with her while my mom did her banking business, then Mom stayed with her while Johanna and I went to the grocery store and bought ingredients for Jacob's graduation cake and cupcakes.  :) 
   Tracy woke up by the time we got to our friend, Shawn's greenhouse to buy some plants and flowers.  The girls loved all of the beautiful flowers there, but were quite dramatically scared of the bees that were buzzing around them.  Our last stop was Green Iron Equipment, and the girls thought all the toy tractors were pretty amazing.  It's fun shopping with little girls (until they need to go "Potty" and you have to scramble to the nearest place)! 
The next few days will be VERY full of graduation preparations (food); seeding (for the guys); flower planting; sewing alterations; cake baking; hall-decorating; song practicing; and hopefully there will be time to put together a picture-slide-show, but I don't know if that will happen this time or not?  Please keep our family in your prayers-----and Jacob too, as he writes his speech.  ;) 

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  1. WOW Cora, You spiffed up your blog! I love the beautiful flowers and the green is such a lovely vivid color! :) Good to hear that you got some crops planted! What a blessing to have the reassurance of having that done! Its still wet somewhat here but the Farmers are still busy, busy, busy! :) Thanks for sharing!
    Have a lovely day and God Bless,

    p.s. I am excited to see what and how you will decorate Jacob's cake and cupcakes!!!!!!! :)


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