Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tomorrow... "little" brother, Jacob graduates from high school!!!
We spent a good portion of the afternoon decorating the hall in Braddock
(with the help of a couple of friends too).  :)
Come join us at 2:00pm if you can!  There will be plenty of visiting and food!   
Please join me in praying that Jacob will always live his life to bring glory and honor to our LORD!  ~Amen~

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  1. Congratulations Jacob! What a relief to be done with homeschool and moving on to a new "adventure" ! ;) I hope all went well and that God blessed your day!
    Thank you for posting Cora....Yes, I'll join in praying that prayer with you, I hope that for my brothers as well! May we all live in a way that is pleasing, honoring and glorifying the GREAT God we serve! Love in Christ, Emmy


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