Thursday, December 25, 2014

A birthday party!

Yesterday, all of us (except Jacob who went to work for farmer Kyle again) went to Bismarck.
We had some odds and ends kind of shopping to do and bought something BIG for Mom's early birthday present--pictures of that further down.
 Here we were at Macks, looking at various sizes of bolts. :)
After we were done running around town, we took supper to Grandpa & Grandma's place and visited with them for a couple hours.
 Jacob milked Sally because we got home a little late for that part of chores.
Today was my mom's 57th birthday (and she was born in '57, so it was a special birthday). One of the things she REALLY wanted for her birthday was:  A different couch!  Our old one had stains on it that wouldn't come out, so we had it covered with a slipcover that never stayed where it was put, so we were constantly tucking, tugging and pulling on it.
Out with the old:
 ... and trying to get the new one in! They ended up taking the outer part of the patio door off.
 There! It's in. It's a very cozy place to curl up on I found out already. ;)
 Our Christmas cactus is blooming!
Mom, opening some of her gifts...
 We played Rook and Taboo this afternoon (and ate sweet stuff), then watched movies this evening.
It was a fun day!
 The birthday person always gets off of chores on their birthday at this house, so I went out and milked Sally tonight (as Mom usually does that in the evening.)

I hope you all had a wonderful, special, exciting, and pleasant day, spent with those you love!


  1. Happy Birthday Mrs. Bornemann!!!! Whoa, i just noticed ya'll have the VERY same happy birthday table cloth as we do! Neat! ;)

  2. Oh...and such a beautiful couch! Lovely! ;)


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