Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Building a snow fort...

I babysat the neighbor youngsters again for a few hours this afternoon. It was so nice out that we all went out to play in the snow.  After making trails for a while, everyone tired of that, so we started building an igloo, but it didn't end up being an igloo (I wasn't sure how to make the top come together with crumbly snow chunks instead of ice blocks), so I think it is now a snow fort?
 At any rate, we had fun and stayed out until it was nearly dark...
My dad was able to get back to combining our corn today. Hooray!! He said there's about 4 days left.
Mom made peanut butter pumpkin soup and spent some time talking to her brothers on the phone.
I wiped off several dozen eggs for the weekly delivery tomorrow.
Andrew had troubles with his semi, but got it going again thankfully.
Jacob was gone helping with corn hauling/combining/semi fixing.

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