Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Spontaneous evening...

A couple days back, it rained, making everything extremely slippery!
The trees sure were beautiful with all of those icy decorations on them...
 Yesterday, Jacob helped me with part of a project I was working on...
 I read about people making simple oil-lamps (using canola or olive oil) and decided to give it a try, hoping to give the end product as gifts. The various things inside the jars are for decoration and to scent the oil. I'm not completely satisfied with how the one lamp I tried burned, but I want to give another one a try before I would give this a "do not try this at home" stamp of disapproval...
Yesterday evening, I got an invitation to go over to Lauretta's place as her married sister, Sarena and her husband and baby were visiting and it's been quite a while since we've seen each other. Lauretta, Josephine and I ended up having a "Slumber party" and talked into the wee hours of morning. It's so fun to do that once in a while.  :)
Later today, I babysat for the nearby-neighbor 3-some. It was fairly warm outside, so we stomped around in the little bit of snow that we have left after the warm spell last week.
Please keep my mom in your prayers tomorrow, as she's going to get some mercury fillings out of her mouth and get them replaced with something healthier. I'll be going with her to drive her back from Richardton once everything is over.  Thanks!

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