Sunday, December 21, 2014

Family photo shoot!

Yesterday, we had fun taking family photos up at Andrew's place!
Andrew and I went up before the others to get things set up. Andrew bought a special lighting kit after taking the film-class in Fargo, so it was neat to see that.
 While waiting for the others, we took some pictures of each other...
 Banjo players spend a lot of time retuning their instrument,
as banjos do not especially like to stay in tune!
 It was pretty nice out, so we went out of doors...
 Our favorite tree...
 We were trying to remember how the common cowboy-silhouette-leaning-against-a-tree looks... 
 Something like this?
 When the others arrived, we attempted to all scrunch on the couch and take some nice pictures, but things didn't work too well there...  :)
 This was about the nicest, but it has it's problems, so we decided NOT to use this one for our annual picture to send to family and friends...
 Getting ready for my favorite picture location (I won't share the picture here yet until the pictures are sent to friends in the mail so, you know, they're surprised). ;)
 Tried taking some under the trees...
 This one turned out pretty well. It's amazing how challenging it can be to get a picture that everybody is happy with!!! 

 By the end of that, we were cold, but most of us had fun, especially later---sorting through over a hundred photos and laughing and laughing.... :)
 Today, the guys put a new door in the entryway, as the old one was falling apart. Mom was busy listening to an essential oil class on-line for several hours. I baked bread and made mints (for the new years party we're hosting). AND, we played ping-pong. Fun times! I do like Winter for a few reasons, the biggest being that we have more time to work on projects and to "play".
Happy Winter everyone!


  1. Very nice pictures! I like the ones of you outside, the one of Andrew leaning against the tree, and the family ones on the couch.

  2. The Bornemann family shoot!!! These pictures are awesome!! Cora, you are sooooooo pretty!!!
    And I LOVE Andrew's hat!! ;) WOW, and ya'll fit on that couch?!? Quite an accomplishment!!!
    Jacob looks squished though, poor guy! Thanks for sharing!


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