Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Hmmm? White stuff again? Thankfully, it was warm enough that most of it has melted again by this evening.

I spent the day babysitting the 3 Littles. They kept me hopping!

The others, well, I'm not sure what they all did today, except that Dad fixed the back tire on the Pacifica as it had a screw in it, and Andrew's gone grain cleaning again (he spent yesterday cleaning too). Oh, and yesterday, my mom went to Sterling to visit with her friend, Elizabeth, as she was out this way for a funeral.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day, as MICHAEL IS COMING for a visit!!!


Mom, Andrew & Jacob will be leaving sometime in the afternoon for Fargo to attend the N.D. home school convention. Tomorrow evening, they're going to see the movie, "Beyond the Mask", and then for sure Jacob, and maybe both of my brothers will be staying overnight with some friends of ours, the T. family (Emmy's family). My mom has volunteered to sit at the "Mentoring Moms" booth again this year for part of the time and Andrew will be running the NDHSA booth again, taking the orders for the recordings of the convention sessions and doing whatever else needs doing. I'm sure they'll have a splendid time, and I'll miss seeing friends I usually see there and will miss helping the Geigers in the kitchen and everything, but I've been gone quite a bit and hope to be gone more in the future, so I'd better stay home once in a while. Plus, we didn't want to leave my dad home alone, in case there are heifer-calving troubles. Now that Michael's coming, I really don't mind staying home at all! :) 

We still just have the one calf, so one of these days the heifers will probably surprise us and all calve at the same time.  Wouldn't that be something?

I just read a really thought-provoking blog post that I'd like to recommend everyone who is single (or parents of singles) to read! It's written by a friend, Mrs. K. over at Green Pastures Farm:

May God lead us all to our spouses in His time and make our marriages a wonderful testimony/encouragement/help to those around us.


  1. Hey! An early post! YAY, usually I head to bed before you write so its neat to check and see that "Cora wrote on her blog!" I'm happy for you! That you got snow :P We got some too, made the roads a tad slick in spots but I was careful! And its always an honor to be mentioned in your blog post! We are excited about the convention too and your brother's visiting us! :D Hope you have a great time too with Michael, your Dad and those calves! ;) Goodnight, Emmy

  2. Cora, are they watching Beyond the Mask at the convention? Do you need tickets? I would love to pop down there and see it! Would love to go to the convention to since its so close.

  3. Yes, Mrs. K! They did show Beyond the Mask, last night actually, Thanks for the offer anyway. :) The convention will be all day today and tomorrow, so maybe you can get away to see/hear some of it, and if you do, be sure to say "Hi" to Andrew at the NDHSA booth and my mom and Jacob will be around there somewhere too.


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