Friday, May 15, 2015

Catching up again...

 Yesterday was my dad's birthday. :) 

I was able to get off of babysitting a bit earlier than usual and helped Mom cook him up a feast. 

After present-opening time, we left for Wishek to attend our district's reorganization meeting at 8:00. My brother, Andrew ran for chairman, but a more experienced man got that position. Then, his friend nominated him again for vice-chair and he ALMOST got voted in for that----just one vote shy! Several people there encouraged Andrew to not get discouraged and to try again next time, so we'll see what happens in 2 years. God definitely closed that door this time.

Today was very full. I left earlier than usual to babysit until 6:30, when Paula got home. It's always a pleasure visiting with her!  

Tracy Jo helped me mix up and roll out pizza crusts for our noon meal. She was having so much fun poking holes in the dough...

When I got home, the house was a complete disaster still as Mom and Andrew had gone to Bismarck for the day to get birthday party supplies and farm supplies. They drove my car, as I asked them to get new tires put on the front, which they did. 

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!! My friend, Emmy is graduating from high school, so all of us (except my dad who is staying home to keep an eye on the cows) are going over to the Breckenridge area to attend that. Michael is going to meet us there and then he'll drive my mom and I home afterwards, as my brothers will spend the night at Emmy's family's place and then go from there to somewhere North of Minneapolis to pick up the big lawn mower that Andrew bought via an online auction yesterday.  On Sunday, we're hosting a small birthday party here for my dad. We should have plenty of cake and pie, so come on over if you want to help celebrate! :)

Now I'd better get some sleep...

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