Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"Cheep, cheep, cheep"

Yes, our chicks arrived today, all the way from "Cackle Hatchery" in Missouri. :)

Since I was babysitting, I brought the Littles over for most of the day so they could enjoy the babies too.

 They LOVED the chicks and kept checking on them throughout the afternoon.

 I had to teach Tracy Jo how to properly hold them, as she was being a bit daring... :)
 My mom and Johanna were naming the chicks. I think this one was George. (I did order 2 cockerels).
 It was so fun to watch the delight of the girls!
 So far, so good. No fatalities and they're pretty quiet tonight---all 65 of them.
 Oh, and I just have to post a picture of this ever growing and changing munchkin. 
My brothers went out in the pasture with the backhoe attachment on the tractor and dug a hole. A HUGE hole. This picture does not do it any kind of justice, as you can't see that it's about 15' deep.
 They will fill the hole with rocks, but they needed the dirt for the house project...
 Jacob hauled the dirt in; Andrew packed it down; and Dad did the fine-tuning and leveling and such.
 This is what it looked like tonight when I went over to get my 4-wheeler to check cows, (after finally getting our potatoes in the ground.) The site is almost ready for the pier-guy to come in now.
 My Liza had a baby!!  Some years, she has some very unique looking babies. This time, her calf has a cute white spot in the middle of his forehead and a little white under his tummy, but he's mostly black.
Anyone want to buy a cow/calf pair? ;)

I'd better get to bed. I'm tuckered. 

God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good. I'm grateful for so many blessings!!!

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