Sunday, May 3, 2015


There is so much to be thankful for! 

For instance, Thursday night, my dad and Andrew put an ad on BisManOnline for our remaining herd of cows. The next morning (yesterday), bright and early, the telephone rang and a guy from Velva, ND was wondering if he and his son could come look at our cows. Of course, Dad said they could. By yesterday afternoon, Dad had found a trucker and a chute to load out 37 head. :) 

 My dad, giving directions to the trucker...

 Jacob was away working for Dave and I was gone babysitting, so my parents and Andrew took care of things this time. Thankfully it went pretty well, except for one of my young cows who made a fuss about loading onto the trailer, but even she eventually went in.

Tomorrow, another guy from Velva, ND (who also saw the ad) is coming to look at Arlen's heifers and possibly 15 cows too. Please pray that that all goes well.

Vonn is getting to be SUCH a big boy. He puts everything in his mouth these days, so we have to watch carefully. Here he's enjoying a banana treat designed for beginning eaters...
 The girls and I baked a "welcome home" cake for their mom. 
Johanna had the idea to make it a "tower cake"...

 I saw this badger on the way over to Lauretta's last night. He stared at me and I stared at him. It was quite interesting, I assure you. :)

The happy news of this day is that----wanna guess?

MICHAEL CAME!!!  He had been on a fishing trip with his brother, uncle and cousins in North Dakota and decided to leave early to come visit me (and my family). :)  He even brought us a bunch of fish!! He's spending the night and will need to leave tomorrow to get back to work at farming at his place. It is SO wonderful having him here again! I think I'm getting spoiled with seeing him so much here lately...We played volleyball this evening and he and I sat on the swings for a while and thought back to the time when we first met last August, when we sat on the swings and talked--nervously. :) I'm so glad we can talk freely now. 

I'd better get some sleep. It's going to be a busy new week! I pray that God directs and blesses us all.

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  1. many blessings! i like that semi! really nice looking truck there! fun "tower cake" too! :) CORA.........why didn't you shoot that badger?????? no gun along? :p


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