Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gettin' Smart?

Today I babysat my little munchkins...  I can't count how many times we moved all of Johanna's stuffed animals off of her bed and then back on while playing "Teacher".  Tracy Jo is getting much better in the potty-training department, so that's exciting, in a way.  It also means she's growing up far too quickly, and that's sad in a way too!  I got to see and visit with Paula for a while, so that was a special treat.
When my dad's old faithful phone recently completely died, my family and I decided to switch our cell-phone service (thanks to Andrew for his help with all of this!!!---he's had a Smartphone for a while and really likes it), so we now have texting capabilities and are having fun trying to figure out how to operate our phones...  :)  I still don't plan to spend a lot of time texting and the like on my phone, but see where it can be helpful to have another option at times. 
My dad hauled grain today, two loads I believe.  My mom did sessions for clients.  Andrew worked on computer projects.  Jacob worked on schoolwork.  The cows worked on staying warm in the blizzardy weather...  Please join us in praying for beautiful weather on Friday, as we hope to do some work with the cattle that day.  Thank you!!

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