Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I sliiiiipppped into----

----the ditch. 

Yep, I did. 

Thankfully, I was very close to Zach and Paula's house and was able to walk to the house, and Zach was such a dear and went and pulled my car out for me and drove it up the driveway.  He's going to get tired of pulling people out of the snow here pretty soon though, I think, if my mom and I keep getting stuck!  This was the first time I've ever been in the ditch due to ice/snow, so hopefully it won't happen again for another 26 years or so.  :) 

The rest of the day went well, except that Johanna never did fall asleep and Tracy Jo just took a little cat-nap, so they were getting tired already at 7:00pm when I left.  We played downstairs a lot and made paper airplanes to fly out of our "plane-hanger" (the puppet stage that Paula made a couple weeks back). 

My dad hauled 2 loads of grain today and the others, well, I'm not sure what they kept busy with.  There is a fresh zucchini chocolate-chip cake on the stove, so my mom was baking obviously...

I heard through the grape-vine today that my second-cousin Hristiyan thinks I should be more consistent with my posting here, so I shall try to do better.  ;) 

May God bless and guide you all as you serve Him.

Good night~

PS.  Here's a thought for today that a friend recently shared:


  1. Hi Cora,
    Now that I think of it, maybe I should also be consistent with my posting. I just posted about SWAT teams, but the post before that was three months ago.

    What car are you driving? Is it still the Intrepid? Does Mr. Zach have some kind of truck? If the snow ever gets too bad, just borrow Jacob's snowmobile. I am pretty sure that can go 60mph.

    See you this summer.

  2. Hey Hristiyan,
    Yes, we'd enjoy reading more posts on your blog! ;) I started reading your SWAT team post before camp, but got interupted by 2 little girls...and life. I enjoyed your short story that your mom sent me though! :)

    My car is actually a Dodge Stratus, but Andrew has had Intrepids on and off. Mr. Zach does have several trucks and big machinery that works well for pulling little cars out of snowbanks! If it ever is a blizzard, my family lets me borrow one of their larger vehicles to travel in and yes, there's always the option of a snowmobile, although the fastest I've ever driven one was about 25 MPH while pulling a sled behind. :) I know it is capable of going much, MUCH faster than that!

    Yay---we'll be looking forward to your trip this summer, as usual. :)
    Please greet your family for me!
    ~ Cousin Cora


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