Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dryer troubles...

With the water situation being as it is in the Winter months, my mom sometimes gets clothes washing in the middle of the night if/when she's up. Well, this morning she had 3 loads washed, but the dryer had dried it's last and would dry no more. It served us well over the years (we figured it was probably 20 years old).
SO, my dad had some things to do in Bismarck (go to the chiropractor for example), and he returned with a shiny new dryer!! This one is fancy shmancy and you can put water in a side-compartment to steam dry your clothes and everything. That will be neat to experiment with! I'll try to remember to get a picture of it tomorrow. :)
We're almost finished with our new years letters (printing, folding, addressing...). I did a little babysitting today. Andrew took 2 of the loads of laundry up to his place and dried them in his dryer there. Mom wasn't feeling the best, so she rested a lot.
It is very cold out tonight! My dad said it could feel like -50F degrees with windchill overnight. I pray for the animals to stay warm when it's like this. Can't imagine being out there. So thankful I don't have to be! 

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