Saturday, January 24, 2015

Playin' in the snow...

I started this post last night, but was pleasantly interrupted by a phone call from a guy in MN, so I'm finishing it now... :)

Johanna loves being a helper and taking care of everybody. It seems only natural then that she loves playing "babies"---feeding them, burping them, putting diapers on, and finding various places to put them for their naps. Tracy plays at this too, of course, but she tends to get more distracted by other things. It's so interesting to see their different personalities.
 Here is the promised picture of the heifers:
They are a Charolais Angus cross. As you can see, they aren't quite sure yet about the newness of everything, but I think they'll settle in soon, the more we work with them. They're due to start calving mid March.

 Yesterday, it was SO beautiful outside! I bundled up the 3 kiddos and we went outside for over an hour.

 Stache loves playing too!
 I thought it a neat coincidence that this snowbank had "Steps" in it, but later found out they were woman-made. ;) Nice work, Paula!
 Tracy is fearless! She just "Does" before she thinks sometimes.
 Meanwhile, Vonn decided it was the perfect time to sneak in a nap (yes, he likes his pacifier pretty well at times) I held him and took pictures.

I got to see Paula when she got home (it had been a while again) and she gave me a present:
A beautiful bar of SOAP! :) It's called "Sea of love". Awwww---she knows me well and is so thoughtful!

Well, I wish you all a wonderful weekend spent in getting to know 
the Lord and your loved ones on an even deeper level.

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  1. Cool, it looks like ya'll had a lovely time outside and this warm weather sure is nice!!! :)
    Vonn looks so cute with his little pacifier, Peter used to have his in his mouth ALL THE TIME!!!
    He was a happy baby! I was the cranky baby (go figure,hehe;) and Joshua was the blessed baby! :) Also, those heifers looked good! Thoughtful, Emmy


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