Thursday, March 20, 2014

Best sale EVER!

Wow---we feel so blessed! The calf prices were the best we've EVER seen!!  This will be so helpful with all of those bills that keep rolling in...  :) 

"Thank you, Lord!!!"

I did babysit today, so after naps, I took the girls with me to the sale and they enjoyed seeing all of the action!  Johanna kept calling it a "Cow Show".  We were there for almost 3 hours until the calves sold.  The girls were very good, although they did get tired at the end and were very ready to go home.  Johanna even fell asleep on the way.

After dropping the girls off at their place and visiting with Paula for a little while, I dropped something off at Lauretta's house and then was SO happy to see a MOOSE!!!!!  I keep hearing of other people seeing them in the area, and have seen pictures, but at last I saw her with my own eyes.  :) 

I received a belated birthday gift in the mail from a friend, so that was just another addition to the lovely day.

It was such a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I got home, I packed quickly as most of us are leaving in the morning for the annual N.D. Home School Convention in Jamestown.  :)  It will be wonderful to help out again and to see SO many friends and meet new ones.....

May the Lord bless you and keep you!  I plan to post pictures of the sale---someday.  :)

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  1. That is wonderful!!!! Its so fun to see what God does for us! I am so happy your cattle sold well! :)
    I look forward to the pictures!


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