Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"He shall direct thy paths."

Yesterday was a very full day!  It started out very joyfully----with the gorgeous weather; the birds singing; a good mail day (the garden seeds came, and another birthday gift from a friend!); and the "new" tractor arriving...  I went over to Lauretta's and she, Josephine and I went to help some friends of ours with a huge sewing project they have for their business, as they had a deadline to meet.  It was a very long day, and somewhat frustrating with the machines/needles breaking, but there was progress made.  :)  When we got back to Lauretta's, I stayed quite a while to visit; had supper with them; and we even watched a movie late into the night...  
 I think I told you all that Andrew dried up his milk cow, Sally on Sunday?   It's always a bleak thought to think of having a couple months ahead of you without having a supply of fresh milk to drink and make yogurt with!  Well, God had a better plan than for us to "starve"!!  When we were out skating with our friends, Thaddaeus offered us milk from the cows he's milking now, as they have much more than they can use, so I brought 2 gallons of farm-fresh milk home with me last night.  Hooray for generous friends!  Perhaps we can share eggs with them in the future when our hens are laying again?  :) 
Today, I got to babysit "My" little girls!  It had been over a week since I saw them last, and they had much to tell me about their vacation.  It's amazing how one misses loved ones when they're gone...   They were so happy to give me my birthday presents and the cake they had made for me with help from their mama (they were happy to eat it too) and everything!  :)  I'm so blessed to be working for such a loving family!!!!  So, soooo blessed!
Well, it is my own family's nightly prayer time, so I will post this and wish you all a good night!
Keep trusting in the Lord...  He WILL direct your paths! 

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  1. So good to hear when things go well and yet God is always faithful to be with us through the breaking of needles time as well! :)
    Always good to have fresh milk! Such a blessing friends can be!
    God is always GOOD!!!!!!!


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