Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sale day tomorrow!!!

My family and I spent a good portion of the day sorting, loading, then hauling the majority of our (nearly) yearling steers and heifers to the Napoleon salesbarn.  God kept us all safe and we're so grateful!  Those animals are pretty large and heavy!!   If anybody is really curious and wants to see them sell tomorrow, you're welcome to join us there OR to watch the sale via the Internet!  (
In-between loads (my dad and Andrew hauled the calves to town), I transferred these pictures over from my camera and uploaded them here.  I took most of them on Monday...
This is the "New" tractor my dad bought recently from a dealership in Watertown, SD:
 My dad, loading yet another load of corn to haul to town...
 I spent a couple of hours in the greenhouse, cleaning out the old dead plants from last fall... it will be ready for new plants this spring.   Oh yes, happy SPRING everybody!!!
 My brothers decided it was time to put their toys away...
 We went up to Andrew's place for a while that afternoon, mostly to show my mom around as she hadn't been there in a long time.

 Andrew has always loved weeping-willow trees, and now he has one of his very own.  :) 
He says he bought the place for that tree.  Ha ha!
 My mom and I also started some of our garden seeds
 (peppers, tomatoes, cabbage...) indoors on Monday and repotted some house-plants...

Yesterday, I spent the whole day babysitting (until late into the evening, as both the girls' parents were busy working)... 
Here is Tracy Jo with her daddy's binoculars:  :)
 We built a huge zoo-castle, complete with stairs and slide...
 Oh, and this picture is of some leaves up at Andrew's place.  I thought it was neat how the snow was melting right around the leaves and they were floating in water!

Well, friends, that should catch you up to date pretty well.  I'll try to get some pictures of our calves selling tomorrow, if I'm there at the time that it happens!  I LOVE sale day!!! 
God bless and guide you all.~


  1. OH, yay! Its always nice to see your hard work being bought and you getting some profit from it all! :) That is some tractor! Its a 3 doolie!!!! I am SOOO HAPPY about the early spring this year...missed it last year! But yes, tis sad to put away the brothers and I will miss ours too!
    And planting again, boy that looks fun! I am so looking forward to green fresh food from the garden! Thank you for sharing and I pray God blesses your efforts and gives you peace this evening as you plan for tomorrow!

  2. The tractor is very, very nice!! I can just see it in those large ND fields you have! We love sale days too and usually I stay home and watch it online - what a great thing! Your spring is coming way faster than ours. We have only had a couple of thawing days so we still have tons of snow and can only dream about seeing the ground :( I'm not really complaining as I still have lots of indoor stuff to get done before I can do outside stuff. Nice post and happy belated birthday!

  3. Hi Cora,
    This is your second cousin Jason.

    I just wanted to mention a few things. About the leaves, I saw that same thing happen at our place with leaves floating in water.

    I saw the picture of the Duplo building and wanted to say that Hristiyan and I build with them too. I’ve made chairs, beds and little tables with them before.

    Another thing is, in the middle of the winter, I think we had two feet of snow. Our dog had quite a time walking in the deep snow. It was like a river to him.

  4. It was so nice to hear from you all!!!!! Thanks for commenting. :) I love hearing what God is doing in your lives as well.~


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