Thursday, March 13, 2014

Please pray for a friend!

I was over babysitting Johanna and Tracy Jo again today.  It was so absolutely wonderfully warm outside (about 60 degrees above zero) that we spent at least an hour outdoors.  I even saw geese flying North this morning!!!  What a beautiful sight!

While the girls were napping, I checked what was happening in the land of Facebook and saw that a young friend of mine was in an accident this morning!  Here is an article about the incident: .  

The mini-van she was driving:
She had not been texting or on the phone or.......and had slowed down to cross the tracks.  Somehow, the accident just happened.  They're thinking the sun must have blinded her to the train, but thankfully she heard the whistle and stepped on the brakes!   Please pray for her now, as her ankle recovers (she broke a small bone in it) and mostly for her to be able to sleep well in the coming nights, not replaying the accident over and over in her head, as I know we all tend to do when such a thing happens. 
 I am SO very grateful for the Lord protecting my friend!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Yes, I knew her quite well and am happy to hear that she is doing a little better! God spared her life and I am so thankful!
    I hope and pray she has wonderful dreams tonight and does not become to fearful of what happened! God bless her!
    Love in Christ,


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