Sunday, March 9, 2014

Skating party!

What a delightful day it was!!
Lauretta and her brother, Thaddaeus came over this morning and spent most of the day with us, only going home when we had to leave to attend a meeting... 
(That's Lauretta in the purple coat and Thaddaeus in the blue-jeans.)
For a while, we just skated, trying to get used to being on skates again... (That's me.)
Then Andrew dug out the hockey sticks and puck and we had some more active fun! 
 (Jacob's in the orange hat.)
This picture is one of my favorites when you can see it larger,
as both Andrew and Thaddaeus look very happy!
Ready, set, go....
Lauretta had to take it easy still with her ankle and all. 
She took most of these pictures, for which I'm grateful!  :)
Another of my favorites!  Can you find the puck???
Not sure where it is in this picture?  Jacob's not sure either, it looks like!
It was a gorgeous day and it didn't take long for the snow to get very mushy...
Me, guarding the goal and waiting for the action that is sure to come!
After we enjoyed lasagna and cheesecake at noon, we spent the afternoon playing several different games... 
Andrew gave me "Mad Gab" for my birthday this year and it was pretty hilarious playing that with our friends!!!  Some of those sayings were so hard to make out!
Andrew and Thaddaeus invented a new, challenging variation of tick-tack-toe!  I was visiting with Lauretta and my mom, so didn't figure out how this is played, but by how much they were enjoying it, I'm sure I'll get a chance to play or observe it again another time...
AND, we played Chinese Checkers too!  Later, I played a game of this just with Thaddaeus and we made it across the board in the exact same amount of moves!  :)
It was a wonderful day!  I'm ever so grateful to the Lord for the gift of friendship!!!!!

Tomorrow, there is a new adventure awaiting me and some of my friends, but you'll have to wait to learn about that...


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful day! How could you not with good friends and warm weather?! :) Hockey is certainly fun, unless you are like me and have to worry more about balancing on the skates your on then the hockey puck itself! :)
    Blessings to you,

  2. Right, Emmy! :) We don't skate very often, so I'm not as comfortable on my skates as I'd like either! We still had fun though and only one of us fell down. ;)

    Blessings on your day~

  3. Thanks for the wonderful post, Cora! I'm so glad that our special friends could come over and enjoy the warmer weather with us. Now for your new adventure!
    Love you,


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