Sunday, April 13, 2014


Somebody asked me how many calves we have currently, so I added them up today and came up with this number: 64 live, healthy babies (after 3 more being born today)!  We've lost a total of 5.  Please pray for the babies in this cold weather, especially the newborns!!  Jacob and I hauled some cattle panels down to the pole barn tonight to block off the doorway, as there's about a foot of mud/manure in there and on windy nights, the cows want to go inside and the calves can easily get lost, stepped on, or drowned in there, so we blocked it off.  They have trees and barns to go behind to have shelter from the wind. 

Well, after searching the entire house (and vehicles and the rifle range and the pasture) and pulling things out of closets and drawers (and then reorganizing the closets and drawers) in search of my mom's glasses, they are still missing.  It looks like I'll need to drive my mom to town tomorrow to buy some new ones (she needs glasses to drive) and to get farm supplies....

My dad just got home from a very long day of cleaning grain!!!  Andrew is still is in MN, so I don't know if he'll make it home tonight yet or stay with our friends again tonight.  He's picked up the alpacas and goats already and was just picking up a dirt-bike for Jacob now.

These are certainly busy days on the farm!!  Morning chores lasted 2 hours.  I was so glad to fit a little nap into the busy day.  :)

May God bless and keep you all in His care, my friends! 

The following picture was one a friend shared on Facebook today and I wanted to share it with any of you who may be going through a hard time now....


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  1. WAHOO!!!! That is a lot of calves!! Is that normally a good amount?
    Awww man! That's tough losing glasses that your Mom uses to drive!! I hope ya'll get the supplies ya need!
    Thanks for the post,


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