Saturday, April 12, 2014

More cow pictures...

I realize that I've been posting a lot of cattle pictures lately, but honestly, that is what our days and nights have been filled with here lately (outside of my dad and Andrew, who have their days filled with grain cleaning).
This red cow is one of mine and had just had her baby about 10 minutes before I took this picture this afternoon. 
 There were 6 new calves born today----and 5 cows who gave birth.  :)  Yes, one of my cows had twins!!  She abandoned the younger of the two, so Jacob and I rescued it and hauled it in the barn to feed it some colostrum.  Now we're attempting to spike the baby onto Andrew's cow who lost her calf late Thursday night, but it's not looking promising at the moment.
 We're still babying this big boy...  I get his mom in the headgate and milk her, (thankfully she holds pretty still for a wild stock cow!) then feed him the milk in a bottle.  This afternoon, my brothers helped me safely get him out of the pen and we made him stand and stretch those weak front-leg muscles for a while.  Tonight, he was able to stand for most of his feeding, so hopefully tomorrow he can do the milking himself.  ;)
 Here he is standing, (that's Jacob feeding him) while his mama's in the headgate, eating her oats and some hay...
This evening, Andrew headed over to some friends' of ours place near Jamestown with his big pickup and trailer.  He's spending the night with them, then driving some of them to some place in Southern MN to pick up several Alpacas and goats for this family.  They didn't have a trailer large enough, so basically they're hiring him to take them along and bring their animals back.  It will be a long day on the road (12 hours or so, he was figuring).  We're praying for their safety and pleasant trails...

My dad has another very long day of cleaning lined up for tomorrow, so prayers for his health and well-being would be great as well.  OH, and my mom lost her glasses this last week and can't find them anywhere.  She needs them to drive (before Monday) and thinks they may be out in the pasture someplace!

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  1. YAY! I love pictures, don't mind the cow ones either! Really neat to see new life! You must have quite a few calves now!
    Cool pictures! Will be keeping ya'll in my prayers!


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