Thursday, April 17, 2014

A very special baby was born last night...

Sorry my blog has been so silent, but I've been away from home more than I've been at home in the past 3 days!
I babysat "my" girls on Tuesday and, as soon as I got off there at 6, I went up to Bismarck with a friend, as her sister (also a good friend) was in labor with her first child.  The sister did not wish for people in the room until the baby was born, so my friend and I and another sister of theirs did some shopping and then got a hotel room for the night.  Nobody slept very well though, as we were all waiting for news about progress made in the delivery of "Baby" and praying that all would go well...  It WAS very nice not to have to go out and check cows though!!
  When we awoke at 7, there was still no baby born, so we spent the first part of the day doing some more shopping (mostly just window shopping in the mall).  I did find a tremendous bargain on a large set of dishes for Andrew's home, so I bought those as part of a house-warming gift for him. 
We sat for a few hours in the hospital waiting room when things started moving forward with the labor.  It was suppertime when SHE was finally born!  :)  We waited another hour or so until we could go in and see the pleased new parents and the precious newborn girl.  After the aunts and grandmas had their turn holding the little one, I also got a turn.  She is SO adorable!!!   Her cheeks are super chubby and cute.  :) 
I praise the Lord for the safe delivery of this little one!!!  My friend was pretty worn out after such a long delivery, but all is going well today and hopefully they can soon go home with their new bundle of joy.

I got home late yesterday evening and went to sleep shortly thereafter!  The 4:00 cow check went well (no problems), so I got another 2 1/2 hours of sleep before needing to get up to do chores and go babysitting again. 

The girls and I had a very nice day together, baking cookies; playing Dr.; and reading books.  I had things to do while they were napping, so didn't fall asleep.  ;) 

I hope and pray that you've all been doing well these past few days. 

Please pray for my Aunt Peggy's family as her dad passed away and the funeral is tomorrow.  (They also need prayer to find a new place in the country to live (in the Aberdeen area) that they can rent---and soon!)  My grandma is coming here in the morning and will ride down to Aberdeen with my mom for the funeral.

Meanwhile, my dad and Andrew will put in long days of cleaning again (my dad just got back from being gone 3 days as well out west of Bismarck, cleaning).  Jacob and I have a very dirty house to put in order (having calves in the house during this cold spell---and dirt and mud being drug in on boots just makes for a mess); food to prepare for the weekend; and cows/calves to watch and care for.  We put one new pair in the north barn tonight, as the little one was shivering.  A friend is coming to visit for a few days and arrives sometime tomorrow, so hopefully things will go well so the house is at least presentable by that time! 

  I think I should head for bed now so I have energy for a busy day...  What do you think?

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  1. Babies are certainly a gift from God! You look so pretty there holding that precious little bundle! :) I am glad you were able to be a wonderful blessing to your friend and be there for them! Sleep well ;)


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