Wednesday, April 23, 2014


After a busy morning with the cow chores, and an early lunch, my mom and Andrew went to Bismarck for the day (they just returned) as it was too windy for our guys to clean grain.  Andrew bought some bedding/pillows/silverware/etc...  My dad went to Napoleon for banking and then worked on equipment.  Jacob worked on getting invitations ready for his graduation in May. 

I spent the afternoon up at Andrew's house cleaning and sweeping and scrubbing and.....  It looks and smells much better now.  I got to wondering when the last time that place was cleaned by a woman and am guessing it's been about 12 years, as the previous owners were hunters (men) and before that, there were hired-men (bachelors) living there.  Not that men can't clean things well, it's just that they usually tend to be busier with other things.  :) 

Well, there are still things to do this evening, so I'll post this and be on my way. 

God bless and guide you all!

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  1. Lovely picture, Cora, it looks like you! :)
    Thanks for posting!


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