Monday, April 21, 2014

The weekend is over already?

 Time sure flies by...
Remember that set of dishes I wrote about last week?  Well, Andrew liked them, so I arranged them in his cabinets in his home on Friday...  We have some more cleaning to do up there this week, as we'll be getting company this weekend again and we'll open the house up for them to stay in.
Andrew hung this lovely painting up in his house. 
My grandma, Marly painted it years ago and I think she really enjoyed seeing it hanging on his wall!!
Here's a rather random picture that I found on my phone from a time I was shopping with Lauretta and Josephine at Scheels.  :)  What goofy-lookin' glasses!! (No, we did not buy them).

Our weekend visitor was Matt B..  He was on vacation and decided to come visit again, as he says he greatly misses the country life (he works in the wild oil-fields of ND).  He let us shoot his cowboy gun (a Colt 45) and we all went gopher hunting Saturday afternoon.   
Saturday evening, we had an unplanned volleyball game-night.  A young man that Andrew had sold a pickup to a couple years back had stopped in to see if Andrew could give him some mechanical advice.  He was here at supper time, so we invited him in and then he stayed for chores and volleyball as well.  He grew up in a Hutterite colony, where they obviously play a lot of volleyball, as he was very good at it!   Lauretta and 3 of her siblings came over for volleyball too later in the evening, so we had fun!  When it got too cold out, we headed in for hot chocolate and music/games.
Last night after chores but before Matt left, we did some target shooting down at the range...

I took this picture of the calves thoroughly enjoying the sunshine yesterday!  Many of them were stretched out on their sides, being lazy!
If you look closely, you can see me in the loader bucket, holding a calf down, while my dad took us to the barn.  That calf is now a bottle calf, as it was born 3 days ago but we've never seen a cow with it.  She must have abandoned him right away?  We've been feeding him out with the cows, but finally decided to bring him in the barn with Sally's calf. 

Andrew went out cleaning grain yesterday and Matt went with him to experience that.  Today, both my dad and Andrew are putting in long days of cleaning again.  Jacob and I had to do a little fencing and hook up the electric-fencer to the wire by the playground area, as some calves kept on crawling through to eat the tiny bits of green grass that are coming now!
I'm SO glad that it's spring! 
 "Thank you, Lord, for the sunshine after the long, cold winter months!!!"
Here's a neat song about spring that our friend, Peter B. wrote/sings:

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  1. OH...this is so neat Cora! Glad to hear about your weekend!
    Girl friends are the BEST, aren't they?! :) And getting to shoot a Colt 45~ wow, that would be pretty awesome!!!! I do so like guns! :) And playing volleyball too?! :) Oh, what joy!!!
    I really, really like that song by Peter B. I am so thankful the Lord gave us a Spring this year! Last year it went straight from winter to summer, without the peaceful pause that spring brings! The Lord is so good to us! Farmers in the field already here, planting corn too! Thanks for posting! Showers of blessing, Emmy


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