Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm really enjoying having....

.....a Smart-phone!  One of the big reasons is that I have a camera with me almost all of the time now and I have a way to easily post the pictures to my computer or Facebook!  Technology can indeed be a blessing and a pleasure.  :)
I took these cattle pictures after milking Sally tonight.
 My dad was feeding them their supper...
 While checking the big pasture for cows/calves, I decided to investigate Crocus Hill more closely than I have been and, lo and behold, this is what I found there!!!  What a beautiful glimpse of SPRING!
 I was over babysitting most of the day.  We started the morning playing cowgirls and ended the afternoon by dressing up like clowns---somewhat anyway.  (See the red dots on their noses?  That's the best we could find for a red nose.)
 Tracy's dot kept falling off so, Johanna being the big helper that she is, kept sticking it back on for her...
 Now doesn't that face just make you smile? 
 If that one didn't, than surely this one will!!!  :)  I love those 2!

Thank you to all of you who are praying for my grandpa.  I have no new news to share.  Today marks the 5 year mark since my grandma's (his wife's) funeral...


  1. Neat, love the cattle pictures! Oh and the lovely sign of spring, crocuses!!! What a blessing! Yesterday was such a beautiful day, a nice break from gloomy, dreary days! :)
    I LOVE sunshine!!!!!! And green grass, and flowers, and pigs!
    Oh, Cora.....the last picture is sooo cute! Haha, funny it kinda looks like you! :) The girls you babysit are such a blessing!!
    So happy for you,

  2. Love these photos--especially the one of crocus hill! Those little clowns sure are cute!!!


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