Saturday, April 26, 2014

More company!

Oh what fun it was to have the B. family here for a visit!  We've enjoyed visiting with their family at family camps, but this is the first time we really got to visit one on one, just as families.  The weather was cold and extremely windy, but some of their young people enjoyed being outside anyway.

Some spent time playing indoor games as well....and making music/singing....and just visiting.
 Their family arrived last night, just in time to join us for a late supper.  Some of us stayed up talking until 1:30am up at Andrew's place.  This morning, some of the B.s joined Andrew and I for morning chores at 7:00am.  Later, most of the girls and one of their brothers went with me in the pickup to check cows (they thought it was very funny how some of the mama cows chased Millie when she got close to their calves!) and we stopped at the barn afterwards so little Lena could pet the bottle calves...
 We had a house-full and 2 tables-full at mealtimes! 
 It's not often that we set the table for 15.  :)
 It was really a nice visit!!   I just wish I wasn't so tired, as I felt like falling asleep all day. 
 They left around 5:00 to go visit another family...
 This is the blue room up at Andrew's place...
 The other side of the blue room...
 The green room---now complete with bunk-beds and curtains.
 The interesting-wallpaper job in the little upstairs bathroom...  (My mom had to re-paste some of the paper on Friday, as it was coming off.)
 This was late yesterday afternoon, when Andrew got done cleaning and he and I went up to get the beds ready for everyone...
 I put the pictures on my computer from my phone,
so here is one of the cows and calves the other day...
 Jacob feeding the bulls and steers...
 My mom and the girls---making the beds with the new bedding on Friday...
 Johanna and Tracy Jo LOVED Andrew's house and going up and down the stairs!
 Oh, and I took this picture of 2 geese on the water on my way to work on Thursday.  They're a little hard to see when the picture is this small...

Well, I pray that you all have a wonderful new week---doing that which God has for you to do.~

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  1. Howdy Cora!
    Great to hear from ya! I like your blog postings! Esp. the ones with lots of pictures! ;) It looks like ya'll had a great time with the very fun and lovely B. family! They are the coolest! :)
    OH! I LOVE the picture of "your" girls and your Mom making the beds! Too cute! :) I also LOVE pictures of blue water and sky, so the last one you took is also quite lovely!
    Blessings to you this day,


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