Monday, December 2, 2013

A TON of ice!

When Andrew and I went out to do the morning chores a little after 7:00, you could have literally skated on the driveway!  There was ice everywhere and it was still raining.  Later in the day, it snowed a little too.  It was a very good day to stay inside and work on cleaning the basement and cooking up a big kettle of soup.  :) 

My mom decided to stay home from Bismarck.  My dad, however, decided to go load sunflowers for a farmer and then just took it easy on the roads and took the load to Enderlin.  He said that his truck weighed 2,800lbs more than usual when he got there, due to all of the ice stuck on it!!! 

I wonder if I should take something larger than my little car when I go to work tomorrow?

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