Friday, December 13, 2013

"Perpetual GREEN!"

....That's the new color of our bathroom.  When my mom bought the paint in Bismarck on Monday, she thought it would turn out to be a lighter color than it did, but we wanted something bright and cheerful, and I think it passes that test!  In fact, it's the brightest room in the whole house now!  :)

Besides cleaning the house; baking bread; painting; and printing/mailing invitations to an open-house my mom and some of her friends are having in Bismarck on Dec. 22nd (you're all invited, by the way), I also baked and decorated 60-something cupcakes to donate to a fundraiser.  My dad and brothers helped me this evening with individually packaging them...  The red sprinkles on top are tiny mint candy canes.  :)

My mom had a bit of an adventure this morning when she went to town to get some more painting supplies she didn't know we needed....  After mailing her invitations at the post-office, her Pacifica wouldn't start.  She called our guys for advice, but nothing they said worked.  She then walked to the hardware store to get her painting things, then returned to her car and tried to start it again, but all to no avail.  Then, God sent her a helping hand----that of the Sheriff who also "Just happened" to be at the post office.  He used our jumper cables and got the Pacifica running.  Hooray! 

I had a neat phone call today from a blogging friend that I've never actually met---yet.  She and her family just recently moved back to ND from out east and they're planning to take us up on our invitation to their family to come for a New Years Eve party we're hosting.  :)  Hooray--again!

May your weekend be a peaceful one.~

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