Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's not Winter yet, but it is a wonderland!

I took my camera out after chores this morning and took some pictures to share with you all...
Andrew's calf, content with a full belly of milk!
 The calf's frosty mother, contentedly getting a full belly as well--with ground feed though.
 My dad's semi, rather covered in snow!
 The cows, waiting for their hay as the sun comes up...
 Our former bottle-calves, enjoying their breakfast...
(See the little icicles on the fence?  Yes, it's cold out there!)
 These 2 love spending afternoons in the warm shop with the guys.
 One of the nicest places to be is in that warm house!
 My car---what you could see of it this morning anyway!
 Anybody want to play volleyball or go for a swing???
May you all stay warm and safe this Autumn (and Winter too)!
God bless you in the new week.

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