Friday, December 6, 2013

Cold-weather yogurt is the best!

This morning, I turned another gallon of cow's milk into yogurt.  One very good part of the cold weather now is that Sally is eating alfalfa hay again and her milk is sweet, which results in tasty yogurt!!   I really can't seem to get over the taste of summer milk and don't make much yogurt during those months as it tastes pretty gross.

It's been very cold doing chores the past few mornings!  Right now, it's 12 below zero out there.  It makes me even more grateful to God for the blessing of a warm home!!!!

We cooked, and cleaned the house today, plus did a lot of odd jobs.... (Putting away garden seeds we'd dried to save for next year; washing wood with Murphy's soap, then polishing everything; stuffing "Black seed" capsules; charging rechargeable batteries; sorting through mail; many little things like that which just don't seem to get done during the busy week.)   Jacob and Mom did some bookwork this morning.  My dad went to town for supplies/banking.  He and Andrew worked in the shop all afternoon.  I think they're getting that green pickup running better (the one that was given to Andrew).  

My Miranda friend called to talk a while this evening, so that was a fun surprise!

I uploaded the few pictures I had on my camera.  These pictures of Johanna and Tracy Jo show how quickly they're growing up!  

Tracy had just woke up from her nap and was somewhat out of sorts and wasn't thrilled about getting bundled up to go outside, so Johanna, being the comforting big sister that she usually is, was trying to give her some juice...

Once we got outside, both of the girls loved the snow so much and could have stayed out there forever I think.  They didn't seem to realize that it was COLD!
When their (and my) cheeks were good and rosey pink, we went back in the house to color and make paper airplanes...
This picture is blurry, but the faces are so precious to me!  :)

I'm so glad to have these 2 little ones in my life (and their parents too, of course)!!!

May you all have a wonderful weekend, hopefully staying warm in some comfy place!

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