Thursday, December 26, 2013

Busy days of Winter...

Yes, it was a busy day! 

My dad hauled grain to Enderlin and later pushed snow from the yard onto piles. 

My mom and Andrew went to Bismarck to get supplies for our New Years Eve party and for the farm, so they were gone most of the day.

Jacob was home and I'm not sure what he did, as I forgot to ask him.  He did get a haircut tonight.  ;)

I was over babysitting my little munchkins and was happy to get to see their whole family for a change.  They gave me such a nice Christmas present too (I'll take a picture and share it sometime)!  It was pretty warm outside, so the girls and I played in the snow for close to an hour.

After chores tonight, I was going to help Andrew dump another load of water on the rink, but then the truck wouldn't start, so my dad helped Andrew with that (they had to pull it to get it running) so I could give the afore mentioned haircut to the afore mentioned brother. 

This evening, we've been doing a lot of laundry as the cows weren't drinking as much water tonight, so we have full pressure again in the house.  I washed my dad's coveralls and they're now clunking away in the dryer...

Our friends from the SE are planning to arrive sometime tomorrow, so we're all excited about their visit!!

And now, it is time to rest.  

    May God bless you all with a good nights sleep too!

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